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Cruises with Gitana 7: a way of being

The skipper of Gitana develop a program of cruises each year. These cruises are unique and often go against the current development of present pleasure. The rationalization of the sail boating tourism standardized and parked in crowded marinas grows increasingly some skippers looking for authenticity and freedom to return to a simple, natural and exotic navigation.
These past 15 years have seen an exponential expanding of water sports and activities related to the standardized production of serial boats, generalization of GPS and navigation aids.
If some developments are extremely useful and comfortable, it also led the trivialization and feel that cruise shipping is affordable without prior learning and experiences.
This is what leads to the overpopulation of marinas: sailboats crisscrossing from port to port almost allways by engine, between 9 am and 5 pm and go quickly before they are overbooked.
Sailboats stop less and less in bays or isolated places for a few days, they are increasingly reliant on electricity in a"luxury caravan" comfort, like at home.
Conversely, the nautical quality and safety of their facilities is becoming more questionable: the serial boats are no longer made to navigate by force 7 without the risk of a rapidly equipment deteriorating . But as these navigations are for less than one percent of navigators, economic choices are quickly identified.
We do not want to oppose this movement, we would simply offer, for those who want a different approach to navigation, a return to a more real contact with the marine world, a way in which we adapt rather than oppose by trying to impose our terrestrial habits on a radically different environment.

membership fee

Before booking the first cruise of the season, a contribution is requested.
This fee is 10 euros and covers insurance team members for a period of one year, regardless of the date they are made.
This is a personal sports insurance underwritten Ethias Insurance that you will be free, the next year to extend or to stop.
To do this, you leave your contact information (name, address, age, IC number) at the payment of the deposit. Please note that the reservation will be effective when the insurance policy is taken.

Gitana à Santiago

The cruises will resume in 2015


Important Notes
According to the weather encountered, the skipper reserves the right to change destinations if necessary to comfort problems or security. It is possible that in case of force majeure, the proposed schedule will not be respected. The arrival may be delayed, the start can be delayed too. Allow one or two days safety if you need to carriage. In case of impossibility, the cruise will be refunded. Technical or tactical stops are decided by the skipper depending on weather encountered.

Gitana destinations are still not far from important communications.
The journeys are simple and cheap.

Half price for children 6 to 12 years.
second week: 10%
Third week: -15%

The smartest book early!

If you pay your week on account bleuNord at least 15 days before departure, you get 10% discount!


The budget for the boardcash (berth, refueling for the week, gas and diesel) is 15 euros per day.
boardcash is not included in the cruise price.

For arrivals and departures, you support your journey. Ports for crew changes are selected based on wealthier communications by train or plane to destinations cheap.

Gitana à Candaleria


Cruises with Gitana 7
Dates Program Rate Discount Remark
2015 to Féroé and Lofoten islands   If book  
2016 from Lofoten Island to Island   If book  

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