Some interesting links:

Pictures byDenis Lecuyer, Photographer :

Website Gitana 7' designer, Greman Frers :

The story of the Gitana :

"Du vent et des voiles" : une alternative sailing at Ostende : Du Vent et des Voiles

Information about sailing in Belgium :

"Girls of the journey" Because there also has girls traveling together and not by boat:Les filles du voyage

Begian forecast: Institut Royal Météorologique

BBC forecast:

buoys observation live in channel:

French forecast : Météo France

Guide guide of météo : panneaux guide.html

Weather forcast in the world : Wind Guru

"The" electronic site for sailing (in french) :Voilelec

Astro nav: c11.htm

The broker specializing in the sale of racing boat: Aventure Océane Broker